'Our Traveldreams' is the travelblog of 2 Dutchies exploring the world. We take you with us on our journey, starting in South East Asia. The plan is to visit South America afterwards, but our 'plan' has already changed several times, so who knows where we gonna end up! 

countries visited so far 

Route & Map Malaysia

Route & Map Myanmar
Route & map backpacking Thailand
Route & Map Singapore
Route & Map backpacking Laos
Route & Map backpacking Cambodia

Route & Map backpacking Indonesia

We started this blog as a diary, for ourselves and friends & family. This 'diary' became bigger and bigger because people were asking for information, and we love working on our blog. It would be fun, if we could make some money out of it, because it does take quite some time. You can help us with that, whithout it costing you money. How? We give honest reviews about the places we sleep. After that we link to booking.com. If you like the mentioned accommodation, and you want to support us, please book through that link. We earn some money by this.


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