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Our Traveldreams || Michiel & Marije - Taj Mahal

Our Traveldreams is the travel website of two travelers sharing their love for the world and each other. We are Michiel & Marije and we are together since november 2012. Sharing our travelstories with each other kept us talking all night on our first date and knew we were gonna travel the world together.


3 years later, we put the money where the mouth is, quit our jobs, bought 2 oneway tickets to Malaysia and that was the beginning of a 21 months lasting adventure. We traveled South East Asia for 16 months, spent 1 month in  Cuba and visited some of the most amazing places in South America during 4 months. Returning home wasn’t something we dreaded, it was our own decision. We made our dream come true and did what we wanted to do.


Being back in the Netherlands, doesn’t mean that we stop traveling. So it definitely isn’t the end of Our Traveldreams. The trips will be a bit less intense and shorter, but the world is on our feet and the end of our wishlist is far out of sight. We will keep traveling Europe and countries like Mongolia and Indonesia and the continent Africa are calling our names.

follow your dreams, they know the way