Name: Marije Mulder

Age: 34
City of residence: 


I got my passion for travelling of: my parents! They like to travel themselves and always stimulated me to do the same. And maybe me being a bit curious is a reason to…

Things I like during traveling are: A lot of things! I both like nature and culture. Big cities, beaches, the underwater life, I like it all! But extreme sports like bungeejumping, skydiving, canyoning should be a part of traveling as well.


The food I miss most while traveling: A dish called ‘Hot Chicken’. And then the way my mom makes it!


The country I look forward the most is: Every countryBut mostly Myanmar, Cuba and I think the country that will make the most impression will be India.


The best travel gadget(s): I have no idea what the English phrase is for a sleeping bag made out of thin cotton. But that is one of my best travel ‘gadgets’ and a mosquito net. My best friends in shabby guesthouses!


You should definitely take this in your backpack: Next to my travel gadgets, not to much! You have to carry it along all the time!


My biggest adventure so far: I did my internship in Barcelona and an exchange program in Auckland - New Zealand. Good times!


My keywords: Life, enjoy, live life to the fullest!