While my best friends were enjoying a trip around the world for the second time (the first time I visited them in Australia), I went to Indonesia to join them for a month traveling Indonesia. After they finished their volunteer work in Sulawesi, we met each other in Jakarta.



Jakarta itself wasn't that impressive. We visited the National Monument, walked through Jakarta Old Town en visited the formal city hall of Batavia. From Jakarta we took the train to Yogyakarta.


In Yogya we booked a trip to the Borobodur, without knowing it was Waisak. During Waisak the Indonesian celebrate de birth, the enlightenment and the death of Buddha. Thousands of pilgrims and monks walked for 8 kilometers from Mendut to the Borobodur. We joined them during them walk and it seemed the people watching it all, had never seen white people. We are famous in Indonesia now, after all the pictures that have been taken. The Borobudur was really impressive, especially the sight of all the pilgrims and monks from above who all collected at the bottom of the Borobodur and were where praying and chanting. The idea that this buddhistic sacred place was covered in ashes en plants and was rediscovered in 1814, makes it extra impressive.


Nice things to do in Yogy are the walk through the historic old city and visit the Kraton, a by walls surrounded compound where the Palais of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono is. It’s a really nice area where you can walk through the small alleys. The sight of all the animals in smal cages makes it a bit less nice though. You can buy the most beautiful Batik and see how they make the patterns (whatch out for Coca Cola Batik). There are also a lot of woodcarvers in this area.


In Yogya we booked a flight to Bali.



Bali is the place for surfing. We rented a surfboard for several days, tried to surf and when we where complete exhausted returned to beach to lay down. To get back on the boards and trie again.


Bali is very touristic but it also has a relaxed vibe. It’s a nice place from where you make several trips. We rented motorbikes and drove to the Sacred Monkey Forrest in Ubud. The drive up there is really nice and the monkeys are fun but watch out with your bananas. The monkeys will jump out you!


You can get lost in the streets of Bali which is a nice thing. Lots of little restaurants and shops. From Bali we took the fast boat to the island of Gili Meno.


There are three Gili’s: Trawangan, Meno and Air. We went to Gili Meno. A really nice island with beautiful beaches, huge spiders, nice little restaurants and where a really sweet man lives who keeps baby turtles in bathtubs next to beach until they are old enough (and save from birds etc.) to be released back in to the water. You can also do snorkeling trips with this man, must do!


Before you get on the boat to Gili Meno, it is wise to take something against seasickness..



Lombok didn’t really bring us what we hoped for. There isn’t really that much to do but the surroundings are beautiful. We rented motorbikes, drove up to the volcano, spent the night there en drove back through the rice fields, beautiful views and waterfalls back to Lombok.


Lombok was my endstation and from here I took a domestic flight to Jakarta to fly home afterwards.



We spent about 5 months in Indonesia during our 'world trip'. So if you wanna read more about Indonesia, check our travelstories!