michiel scheerhoorn

Name: Michiel Scheerhoorn

Age: 34
City of residence: Hardenberg


I got my passion for travelling of: Hardenberg Since I remember my parents took u on camping trips a couple of times every year. Therefor I don't mind sleeping in a tent, where other people like a comfortable bed and airconditioning.

Things I like during traveling are: Making contact with the locals, taking pictures and living by the day.


The food I miss most while traveling: Typical Dutch food such as Droge Worst and a Kroket


The country I look forward the most is: Indonesia, India and Patagonia


The best travel gadget(s): The Leatherman! For all the MacGyver activities this multitool is your best friend.


You should definitely take this in your backpack: Flip flops 


My biggest adventure so far: Traveling through the Kimberlys (Outback) in West Australie. This is where I almost accidentally went for a swim with saltwater crocodiles.


My keywords: Easy, slow and quiet. 

Travels so far: Australia, New Zealand & Vietnam