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Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano and is one of the world’s highest volcanoes. The last eruption was in August 2015 and lasted till Januari 2016. Since then, Cotopaxi is officially closed for climbing. The top is covered with eternal snow and seeing this giant in the middle of the green landscape is really impressing.

Ecuador || Cotopaxi
Ecuador || Cotopaxi
Ecuador || Cotopaxi

how did we get there

There is also a Secret Garden hostel in Quito and that is where we started our trip. A van picked us, and the rest of the group, up and from there it was a 1,5 hour drive. When booking the package the pick-up is included, otherwise you pay 5 USD p.p.

where to eat & sleep

Our stay at Secret Garden Cotopaxi, an ecofriendly lodge, is one we will not forget easily. This place is just awesome and must be visited by everyone going to Ecuador. We booked our stay about 2,5 week in advance and were glad we did because thanks to this we could stay both nights in a Hobbit Home. And this is absolutely the best crib. The houses are tucked away in the mountain and offer a spectaculair view at the Cotopaxi volcano. Waking up is a treat! Going to bed is almost impossible with the incredible starred sky. And they try to give you this view during every activity you do. Not only during the hikes, but also during your more private time in the jacuzzi, shower and toilet. Wherever you are, the view is great!


And the food! There are some lovely people in the kitchen preparing some om the best meals. They have a big variety and if you have any special dietary wishes, they do their best to take that into account. 

** You can book your stay at the Secret Garden Cotopaxi website

Ecuador || Cotopaxi - Secret Garden
Ecuador || Cotopaxi - Secret Garden
Ecuador || Cotopaxi - Secret Garden

what to do

The lodge offers several tours so you don’t have to get bored. We booked the 3 day-2 night package which included a 2 hour hike to a nearby waterfall and a 6-7 hour Pasochoa hike. We’ve had quite some rain during our stay so the paths were extremely muddy and we had to do the walks in gumboots. Not the easiest. You can also go mountainbiken, horseback riding, do some other hikes or just relax in one of the hammocks and enjoy the incredible view.

don't miss a thing

come with us to cotopaxi

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