Florianopolis is hot amongst travelers. It has some great beaches (over 40!), good places to party and is the place to go to for Brazilians to get away from every day live. And not only for Brazilians, this beautiful area is definitely worth a visit when coming to Brazil because of its charm and character.

how did we get there

We booked our bustickets from Sao Paulo to Florianopolis online through busbud.com and payed 125 Real p.p. We traveled with Eucator and these buses don’t offer a lot of legspace. We did manage to sleep through most of the night because the chairs are pretty comfortable and you can put your seat back quite a bit. We left at 7 pm from terminal Rodoviario do Tiete (which can be reached by metro, metrostop Porguesa, blue line) and arrived in Florianopolis 12 hours later. From there, we took a bus to Lagoa do Conceicao which took about 1 hour and costed 4 Real p.p. Getting to our Bed & Breakfast only took us about 5-10 minutes by foot since it’s about 500 meters from the busstand. 

where to eat

We got introduced to a whole new world when it comes to eating. Instead of ordering a dish, or paying a fixed price for a buffet, we payed for our food per kilo. This concept is quite popular in Brazil and it worked for us! 


At El Grilla Mexican Kilo Shop they had a buffet where you can choose whatever you like. It’s not really Mexican food, but it is tasteful. When we filled up our plate, we went to the counter where we had to put our plate on the weight scale and that’s where they determine the price. Best places to eat for people who are really hungry and/or traveling on a budget.

where to eat & sleep || janela de marcia

Marcia is one of those people we will never forget. You can feel she runs her Bed & Breakfast with her heart. When we arrived, she gave us the feeling we were welcome and this feeling stayed during our time here. She showed us our room which was at the back of her house. Good comfortable bed, enough space to store our stuff, a fridge to keep our drinks cool and a nice strong hot shower. It’s a little Bed & Breakfast with 4 rooms and during breakfast you get to know the other guests, because breakfasts can take a while. Not because you have to wait long, you just get a lot of tasty food, so this keeps you busy for some time. We stayed here for 3 nights, and wish we could stay longer. We fell in love with Marcia, only al little bit.

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Brazil || Florianopolis - Janela de Marcia
Brazil || Florianopolis - Janela de Marcia
Brazil || Florianopolis - Janela de Marcia

what to do

We came to Florianopolis because of its beaches. It sounded like a perfect place to relax and get a tan. None of this really happened..


We found out that the sanddunes near Joaquina beach are perfect for some sand boarding and since we skipped our yearly wintersport vacation for the second time this trip, we figured it would be nice to do the hot version. The idea was great, the performance not really. It was so much different (harder?) than snowboarding! You can not make turns and the sand didn’t really slide. Not even to mention that you again have to walk all the way up, in the burning sun, after going down. This little adventure didn’t last long, but we did have fun. The price is 20 Real p.p. for 1 hour.


We wanted to wash the sand of, that was everywhere, in the ocean, but after a short walk to Joaquina beach, we realized it was Saturday. The beach was filled with sun umbrellas which did give a colorful view but didn’t make it really attractive to stay there. We decided to walk back to Marcia, wash the sand of there, before starting with our next adventure.


Marcia told us about a 2 hour walk/hike from Lagoa do Conceicao to Costa da Lagoa, which should be really nice. On her advise, we started the walk around 3 pm so we would have enough time to have diner in Costa da Lagoa and then take the last boat back. And the walk was great! You pass though little villages and see the most amazing houses which can only be reached by the path we took, or by boat. The walk is not to difficult, but you do have to walk up and down and take some big steps and climb some even bigger steps. At the end, there is a waterfall where you can swim, so do bring you swimsuit and a towel! After this, we really deserved our diner at restaurant Lagoa Azul. The food was good, we sat right next to the water, most of the staff was friendly and we managed to take the 7.30 pm boat back, together with a big group of singing (and drunk) locals. All in all a great day!


We saw some great pictures of Lagoinha do Leste where you have overhanging rocks which offer a great view overlooking a beach. We decided we wanted to go there and took an Uber to the startpoint, which is in Pantano do Sul. This costed 40 Real and took us about 50 minutes. Instead of being smart, and starting a hike like this early in the morning, we started at 12 pm. It was hot, it was sweaty, we got thirsty, we got dirty and we got tired, but we made it! The first part takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the path first goes up and than goes down and brings you to the beach.


This beach is popular amongst locals who go here for swimming and surfing. Our plan was to rest on the beach after the first part, cool down in the water and than continue our trip up to the rock. Unfortunately it was pretty windy so resting on the beach wasn’t really an option because it felt like a little sandstorm. We did go for a swim but started walking up to the viewpoint after that. The last part took about 40 minutes and is quite steep. But it is so worth it! The view is amazing and it’s a great spot to take some awesome photos.

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