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Foz do Iguaçu is visited by many for mostly one reason: The Cataratas! Cataratas means waterfalls and the waterfalls here are beyond. 80% of these caratas can be found on the Argentinian side and 20% on the Brazilian side. In total, there are between 270 and 300 waterfalls, depending on the amount of water running through the Iguaçu river and they are 2,7 kilometers wide and the water falls 82 meters down.

how did we get there

It was an easy ride from Florianopolis to Foz. We took an Uber to the busstation for 30 Real which is about 3,5 times more expensive than by bus, but it was hot and we didn't feel like struggling to much. Once we arrived at the Rodoviario Rita Maria Bus Terminal, we could almost immediately enter the bus which left at 4.20 pm to Foz, where we arrived at 7 am the next morning. We took the bus (number 105, 3,50 Real p.p.) and had to walk about 500 meters to get to our accommodation.

where to eat

We went to Brasa Burguer and the food was really good. The portions are big, it's really tasteful and the restaurant is really clean. No dirty caps on the sauce bottles and the tables were spotless. The staff was friendly, prices fair and they even offer free internet. Great place to got when you're hungry and you want meat.

where to sleep || CHE LAGARTO SUITES

Che Lagarto Suites is a great place if you want to meet other travelers. They have both dorms and private rooms and the staff is helpful, always smiling and make your stay here really pleasant. The rooms are simple but have all you need and there's even a small pool on the rooftop where you can relax and have a drink from the bar. There are different spaces where you can watch tv, use the computers, play a game or just hang out with other travelers. The internet is really good and we really liked the vibe here. We liked it!

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Another great thing about this hostel, is the booking agency downstairs. They helped us arrange our trip to the Argentinian side of the waterfalls and gave us the tip to do the boat ride. More about that in 'What to do’.

Brazil || Foz do Iguaçu - Che Lagarto Suites
Brazil || Foz do Iguaçu - Che Lagarto Suites
Brazil || Foz do Iguaçu - Che Lagarto Suites

what to do

We arrived early in the morning and had to wait till we could check in around 12 pm. We had breakfast, got some work done, walked around a bit and already arranged our transport to the waterfalls. The original plan, was to visit the waterfalls from the Brazilian side. However, nothing goes as planned when we travel..


The opinions about which side is best to visit, vary. Once arriving in Foz, we figured it would be possible to do both sides and it was best for our planning to start with the Argentinian side. We booked the tour at the Pratik Tourist Centre, next to the lobby of Che Lagarto Suites, which picked us up the next morning at 9 am and would bring us back around 6 pm. Going by tour costs more than taking the local bus, but it is so much easier and saves you so much time. When you go by public transport, you have to take the bus, which won’t wait at the border crossing, so you have to wait for the next bus. Not even to mention the time it will cost you to get your passport stamped. And the same happens when you go back. By booking a tour, you don’t even have to leave the airconditioned minivan when arriving at the border crossing, because the driver takes care of everything. Definitely worth the 75 Real p.p. Before leaving, we stopped at a currency exchange office to get Pesos and than headed to Argentina. We needed 330 Pesos p.p. for the entrance fee, 25 Pesos p.p tourist fee and 450 Pesos p.p. for the boat ride.


Once we arrived at 10.30 am, we got a short explanation and got directed to the place where we could book the boat tour. The lady at the Praktik Tourist Centre recommended this to us and we decided to take the short 12 minute ride. Our boat was scheduled for 1 pm so we first had the time to see the waterfalls from the upper trail (red route) and the lower trail (blue route). Then it was time for the boat ride, which was worth every single Pesos. You get to see and feel the waterfall up close which is so powerful and great to experience. It gets you soaking wet but is definitely fun. We strongly recommend doing this one! We brought dry clothes, so after changing into dry clothes and a quick lunch, we took the train to Garganta do Diabo (Devils Throat) which is a huge half round waterfall that is 150 meters wide where the water falls 70 meters deep. Really spectaculair to see from above.I nstead of being lazy and going by train, we walked back to the entrance (1 hour walk) to arrive there right on time for the bus to bring us back to Che Lagarto Suites. 


We ended the day with some free Caipirinha’s at the rooftop of Che Lagarto Suites and some extra beers and went to bed with big smiles on our faces.


The next day started rainy but we already had our tickets for the bird park, so we had to go. It is a easy 40 minutes bus ride (nr 120 for 3,50 Real p.p.) And even though it is not really spectacular, it is nice to visit when you have extra time. You get to see the birds up close and are able to get some really good shots of them. It took us about 1 hour and it stayed dry all the time, but just when we wanted to go to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls (which is on the other side of the road), it started pouring down rain again. Since we didn’t have all day because our bus was leaving to Bonito at 6 pm, we decided to skip the Brazilian side and call it a day. 

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