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The currency of Brasil is Real. For the current rates you can use this currency converter.


The coast of Brasil has a tropical climate. From Rio to the South the rain season lasts from October till January. In the North-East, the rain season starts earlier, In Fortaleza already in April. The months May and June are the best months to travel Brasil, except for the North-East. It is better to travel there between August and December. In the Southern inlands it's much cooler but even the winter days are pleasantly warm there.

Source: Columbus Reisplanner


More information about which precautionary measures you should take concerning you health traveling Brasil, you can find here:

Health Info Brasil


Because the visa rules vary per country, it is impossible to describe all of them. For more information about which rules are applicable for your country, check the website


Our plan is to visit Brasil for about 1 month. Since we heared it is an expensive country, and we want to do a lot of tours, we have a high estimated budget. The estimated daily budget is 240 Real p.p. (= € 65,-) including all costs such as accommodation, food and tours.


In the end we spent 29 days in Brazil. Our average daily spendings were 130,69 Real (= € 35,79) p.p.p.d. So much less than we calculated. For more info about this, check out the route & costs.