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Ecuador doesn't have its own currency and uses the USD. For the current rates you can use this currency converter.


The best time to travel Ecuador is from June till September (inland) and Februari till April (Galapagos). The warmest and driest period inland is June till December. Outside these months you can only expect a bit of rain in the afternoons. The coast has a clear wet and dry period: December till March is the wettest and hottest period. You will get  warm and sunny days with heavy rainstorms from Januari till June on the Galapagos. Outside this periode it is cloudy but dry with a sturdy ocean and sometimes mist.

Source: Columbus Reisplanner


More information about which precautionary measures you should take concerning you health traveling Ecuador, you can find here: Health Info Ecuador


Because the visa rules vary per country, it is impossible to describe all of them. For more information about which rules are applicable for your country, check the website


Our plan was to travel Ecuador for 2 weeks with an estimated budget of 25 USD (= € 22,-) p.p.p.d. including all costs such as accommodation, food and tours. Our time planning was correct, our budget planning a bit off. We spent 31,85 USD (= € 27,14) p.p.p.d.


For more info about our spendings, you can check the page Route & Costs Ecuador.