The enormous country Brazil is a land with beautiful cities, colonial villages, friendly people, outstanding nature and so much more. We only saw a fraction of this incredible country in the month we've been here. We made a map of our route so you can easily see which stops we made.

Once we arrived in Sao Paolo, we immediately found out how friendly the Brazilians are. A young couple came up to us at the airport and offered us a free ride to our hotel. Great beginning! We really liked the city and one of the places we visited is Beco de Batman which is an alley filled with incredible street art. From Sao Paolo, we took a bus to Florianopolis, a great beach town where we hiked to the beautiful Lagoinha do Leste. 


We visited the impressive Foz do Iguacu waterfalls from the Argentinian side to go to Bonito afterwards. This city deserves its name. Highlight here is snorkeling the crystal-clear sweet water. And because we still weren't fulfilled with the beautiful nature, we spent some days in the Pantanal. Unfortunately the leopard didn't show up, but the piranha fishing, howler monkeys and capybara's made up for this. 

It was time for some colonial beauty and we admired the beautiful city Paraty. The streets are filled with cobblestones, the houses are colorful and we did nice boottour here. Our last stop was Rio de Janeiro during carnaval which kind of reminded us of Kingsday in Amsterdam. And of course we visited some of its famous highlights.


extra costs

* Diving Bonito 247 Real p.p.

* Buraco das Aras 135 Real p.p.

* Snorkeling Rio da Prata 240 Real p.p.

* Estancia Mimosa 150 Real p.p.

* Pantanal 1.445 Real p.p.

* All accomodation

average daily spendings

In total we spent 29 days in Brazil. As said, we only saw a fraction of this enormous country but the distances are huge and to keep the traveling a bit relaxed, we only visited the 7 mentioned places. We did spent 1 week in Rio which is quite long.


In the 29 days we were in Brazil, our average daily spendings come down to 130,69 Real (= € 35,79) p.p.p.d. Keep in mind that traveling with someone else can be cheaper because you can share a room. Unless you don't mind sleeping in dorms, than it even can be cheaper to travel alone.


Within this budget we integrate all costs such as ATM costs. Only the extra costs mentioned were not taken in to account in the budget. This were all sponsored tours, the same for the accommodation. How dit we spent this budget? We travel with night buses, mostly used Uber taxis for smaller distances en walked a lot, we went to cheap restaurants such as the ones where you pay per kilo or we cooked ourselves.


We started approaching guesthouses, hotels and resorts for accommodation free of charge in change for some media exposure on our Instagram account and a review on our website. The reviews on our site are completely honest and not affected because they were for free.


Hopefully our info is useful to future Brazil travelers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know!

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