BUNAKEN || indonesia

Diving at Bunaken was fantastic! We really loved it. The dive is over before you know it and there is so much to see. Especially the wall dives are our favorite. Because images speak louder than words, it is best if you just watch the movie below. It won't be a waste of your time, we promiss! 

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komodo || indonesia

Komodo National Park is famous for it's Komodo Dragons, which are really cool to see. But the true beauties can be found under the water. The divesites itself is oké, we've been to better places. But it will be hard to top our dive with the manta's at Mantapoint. These animals are incredibly elegant and so big! We couldn't keep our eyes off of them and hated it when the dive was over. Hopefully this won't be our last encounter with them..

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mabul || malaysia

Diving at Sipidan is supposed to be divers Mekka. Unfortunately for us (hooray for nature) they only allow 120 persons a day here. So you have to book far in advance. We didn't know we were going here, until a few days before, so we had to 'settle' with diving around Mabul Island. And it were some interesting dives! We saw lot's of underwater life we had never seen before and lot's of colorful fish. We surely didn't regret coming and diving here.

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