kedah || indonesia

Nothing but love for this amazing place in Sumatra. We loved every minute of our stay here. But most of all, we loved our encounter with the wild Orangutans! These animals are endangered and can only be found in Sumatra and Borneo. Seeing this animals you can't imagine people wanting to hurt these animals. During our hike in the jungle we spotted them and apparently we came to close to the mother with baby and we got harassed by her fellow mate who was hanging in a nearby tree and who chased us away by trowing sticks and branches at us. A once in a lifetime experience and we strongly recommend going here when going to Sumatra!

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tangkoko nature reserve || indonesia

The Tangkok Nature Reserve is easily accessible, the walk is not difficult, but the most interesting about this place are the inhabitants! We saw two big groups of tailless monkeys, hornbills, kingfishers, cuscus bears and tarsiers. It was a very special moment walking in between the group of monkeys while in the forest! 

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kinabatangan || malaysia borneo

Hidden between big palm (oil) plantations, there still is some rainforest left for animals to live in. And a beautiful piece of rainforest it is. Divided by the river, you'll have two long stretches of it. While cruising down the river, you have to keep your eyes wide open en keep changing your perspective from right to left, because you don't want to miss the animals. We saw the pygmy elephants twice (!), big groups of proboscis monkeys, cheeky macaques, lot's of hornbills and even some crocodiles... And staying at the river is a great experience as well.

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bako national park || malaysia borneo

Bako National Park is a great place to do some hiking and meet the proboscis monkeys. If you like hiking, this is the place to be in Malaysian Borneo. There are plenty of routes to follow and some of them have great viewpoints as a reward. But the most exciting part about our trip to this National Park, was our encounter with a big proboscis male that didn't seem to mind our presence and let us come up close to about 3 meters. Amazing!

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yala national park || sri lanka

We loved everything about our full day safari in the Yala National Park. With a leopard density that’s higher than anywhere else on this planet, you have a big change of spotting them. And we saw them! We spotted some more small animals such as Black Faced Langur Monkeys, possums, rabbits, pigs before we saw a lot of crocodiles in a lake. There were some deers drinking from the water and it felt like watching National Geographic where you are waiting for the crocodile to catch a deer. That didn’t happen, so we moved on. At another lake, we saw a big elephant bull puddling in a lake filled with green and flowers and was taking it easy. Elephant, check!

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