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Somewhere in between the sanddunes of Peru, you can find a blueish/green lagune surrounded by palmtrees. There is a story that a Peruvian Princes walked through the desert and decided to take a bath when she saw the lagune. However, she got disturbed by a young hunter, which turned her into a mermaid. People say you can hear her cry in the middle of the night at new moon..

Peru || Huacachina
Peru || Huacachina
Peru || Huacachina

how did we get there


As we are on the last part of our trip, we decided to go fancy and spent our money on a 1st class buss ticket for the 20 hour bus ride from Mancora to Lima. We bought it at agency Cifa International and the cost of this ticket was 150 Soles p.p (2nd class is 120 Soles). Pick up time was at 4.30 pm at Ittsabus, near Clinica San Pedro. The bus was even 10 minutes early and we have to say, it was money well spent: great chairs and lots of space! It is a 1.150 km long journey and we arrived at 12.30 pm at Ittsabus station (which is across the Nacional stadium in La Victoria). From there, we took a taxi for 20 Soles to our stay in Miraflores in Lima. 


We only stayed two days in Lima and didn't do that much since we both had job interviews via Skype.



After our stay in Lima, we took a 20 Soles taxi to the Perubus busstation (Soyuz terminal) at Avenida Mexico. Here we purchased a ticket for 38 Soles p.p. to Ica (there are several buses each day). Ours left at 10.30 am for our 250 km journey, and we arrived 5 hours later at 3.30 pm. From Ica to Huacachina, we took a 10 Soles taxi.

where to eat

Huacachina is a small oasis town which is a tourist hot spot, so there are plenty of restaurants. But it is quite expensive. The Wild Olive Trattoria & Guest House is a place where you get good food for a fair price, where the wifi is strong and the ambiance is really pleasant. Restaurant Sunset is more of a budget place with affordable backpacker prices.

where to sleep

We stayed at the colorful El Boulevard which probably isn't the best hostel in Huacachina, but their decent room price and small pool, persuaded us to go here. It's a lively place, with lots of backpackers and they serve a simple but good breakfast. And we have to say, the pool was really pleasant after a long hot day walking around the sanddunes.

Peru || Huacachina - El Boulevard
Peru || Huacachina - El Boulevard
Peru || Huacachina - El Boulevard

what to do

For us, there was only one reason to go here: a buggy ride in the sanddunes. Unfortunately it is not possible to get one and drive yourself but we booked a 1 hour private tour, for 50 Soles p.p. (entrance fee for the dunes is 3,60 Soles p.p.) which was so much fun! We had an awesome driver who was almost having more fun than us. He brought some sandboards which was awesome as well! We also went sand boarding in Florianopolis - Brazil, but it was much better this time since we didn't have to walk up the sanddunes again! And these dunes are so much higher and endless.


We went on a buggy ride during the day, so we could walk up to a quiet place in the sanddunes for sunset. As you all know, walking in sand is tough. Walking up high sanddunes is really tough. But it was so worth it! 


It is sad to see that there is so much plastic waste all around the sand dunes. This does make this special place a bit less beautiful. So please don't be a dickhead, and don't leave your plastic behind.

don't miss a thing

come with us to huacachina

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