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The currency of India is Rupee. You can also pay with USD but not everyone excepts them. For the current rates you can use this currency converter.


India being a huge country and the big differences, the overall best travel times for India are December till Februari. After the pleasant sunny days of the winter months, the summer is way to warm. De dry heat is there will May but the wet period that follows doesn't bring much coolness. The Indian coast areas are being afflicted by tropical storm from June till October.

Source: Columbus Reisplanner


More information about which precautionary measures you should take concerning you health traveling India, you can find here:

Health Info India


Because the visa rules vary per country, it is impossible to describe all of them. For more information about which rules are applicable for your country, check the website


Our advices is to cover yourself up as a woman when traveling India. For man it's no problem to wear shorts and a t-shirt but for woman we advice you not to. Marije is always wearing a losse long skirt of trouwers en keeps her shoulders covered with a scarf. You are already interesting look at as a Western woman, don't give them to much to look at.


Our plan is to visit India for about 2 months. The estimated daily budget is 1.450 Rupee p.p. (= € 20,-) including all costs such as accommodation, food and tours.


In the end, we stayed 59 days in India so that's according our plan. We spent a little bit more: 1.530 Rupees (= € 20,87) p.p. For more info about this, check out the route & costs.