Jodhpur is also known as the Blue City. The reason for this is that many of the houses in the old city are painted blue. The city however expanded greatly so don’t expect a complete blue city, like we did, because this ‘tradition’ is only been kept in the old city. Traditionally the blue color means that the inhabitants belong to the Brahmin Cast, but nowadays other people paint their houses blue as well. Besides the strong contrast with the desert around the city which attracts lots of tourists, it is also said that the color blue scares of mosquitos...


how did we get there

In Jaisalmer we bought a busticket for the local bus for 300 rupees p.p. to Jodhpur. This bus left at 11 am and after 280 kilometers on a bumpy road we arrived at 4.30 pm in Jodhpur. We sat all in the back and those weren't the most comfortable chairs. But we made it. After a quick tuktuk journey of 4 kilometers for 150 rupees, we arrived in our hotel in Jodhpur. If a local bus is not your thing, there are train and sleepbus options as well.


We had some great meals during our days in Jodhpur. The first night we went up to the surprisingly beautiful rooftop of our hotel and had a great view overlooking the city and seeing the Mehrangarh Fort. Pretty impressive. And not only the view is great, the food is really good to! And it’s not only open for guests of the hotel, a lot of people visit this rooftop restaurant so it’s probably strongly recommended on other websites to.


Because we love the rooftop restaurants in India, and in this case Jodhpur, we wanted to try a new one each day. The rooftop is not as great as the one of our Hotel Haveli, but the food was really good to at the Blue Turban restaurant. A bit cheaper but not less tastefull. Another great choice is Pizzeria The Dagley. They have a nice rooftop, a young crowd, large choice in tasteful pizzas and their Quesadillas are pretty good as well. And luckily, for reasonable prices.

WHERE TO sleep

We stayed at the lovely Hotel Haveli Jodhpur. It’s a typical Indian hotel with rooms in the beautiful Indian style. Some rooms have a lovely view overlooking the Mehrangha Fort. For the less lucky ones, all you have to do is go to the roofrop and enjoy the view from up there. And while you’re there, as said in the ‘where to eat’ section, you might as well sit down and enjoy a wonderful lunch or diner. The hotel is situated across a beautiful stepwell, which looks like a MC Escher drawing with lots of steps down a well, and is in walking distance of the fort, the blue city and the clocktower.

what to do

One of the main activities during our days in Jodhpur, was watching where to put our feet and try not to step into the holy cowshit, dogpoo or other nasty things on the street. Jodhpur is by far the dirtiest city we’ve seen. And on the other hand, one of the most interesting and colorful cities. As said, the city is also known as the Blue City. We were a bit disappointed when we found out that not the entire city was blue, but were impressed when we reached the old city which is mostly blue. We wondered around though the narrow alleys, talking to little kids who where using the little English they know to ask us questions, went up to rooftops after being invited by people into their homes. You can easily get lost here, but that’s not a bad thing. Because as said, besides the dirty streets, it is a beautiful place to visit.


Not only did we see the blue walls upclose, we also paid a visit to the Mehrangarh Fort (600 Rupees p.p. + 100 Rupees for the camera) and saw the entire city from high above. We could easily earn the entrance fee back, if we would have asked 10 Rupees for every picture takes of us. We felt like celebrities. We’re already a bit used to this (they do it in every country) but it’s still fun. As soon as one comes up to you and asks for a picture, you can be sure that you will be standing there for a while. One after another comes up to you and sometimes you don’t know where to look because there are so many people standing in front of you with phones/cameras in their hand. After these we don’t know how many minutes of fame, we released ourselves from our fans, and did some sightseeing in and around the Fort. Because the air is filled with smog, we did not get a great view overlooking the city, but it was still impressive to see how big it is and how close all the houses are to each other.

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