Khajuraho is a small town and is famous for its groups of Hindu and Jain Temples. These temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their beautiful and erotic carvings.

how did we get there

Because we thought the train tickets to Khajuraho were very expensive (1.700 Rupees p.p. for 3 AC) we decided to go with the bus. We started the trip at 7.30 am and took a tuktuk to the Idgah busstation in Agra (180 Rupees). There we were told the first direct bus to Jhansi would depart at 11.30 am and since we did not want to wait that long, we got on the bus to Gwalior. 


We started this adventure at 8 am. Cost for the bus from Agra to Gwalior were 130 Rupees each and we arrived here around 11 am. After a quick toiletbreak, we got on the next bus which left at 11.30 am from Gwalior to Jhansi (cost 300 Rupees in total, 2 persons and 1 ticket for the bags). We arrived at Jhansi city at 2.45 pm, and left for Chatapur in a very crowded bus at 2.55 pm, which costed 130 Rupees per person. 


After 3 hours we arrived in Chatpur city and changed buses for the last time to Khajuraho! We had smooth connections all day and never had to wait longer than 5 minutes! The cost from Chatpur to Kahjuraho was 50 Rupees p.p. and we arrived in Kahjuraho at 7.45 pm. After a quick 50 Rupees tuktuk drive we arrived in our hotel. It was a long day!


If we would have taken the bus one hour later from Agra, it would have been really difficult to reach Khajuraho the same day.

where to eat & sleep

India || Khajuraho - Yogi Ashram Guesthouse

We stayed at Yogi Ashram Guesthouse but were a bit disappointed about their location. On booking it says that they are only 200 meters away from the temples. We think they forgot an extra zero. The guesthouse itself is really cheap and clean, the food is good for fair prices, but we had some difficulties adjusting. They don’t have bikes for rent but do their best to get you into a car (which is obviously quite expensive), we asked beforehand if we could pay with creditcard but once we were there they said it wasn’t possible (in the end it worked out by using the machine of some shop in the city) and when you ask for help with booking train tickets, they can help but the person who can book the tickets charges way to much commission. But, if you are looking for a cheap place, you don’t mind walking a bit further and you now know that you don’t want to book your train tickets there but somewhere in town, this is a nice place to stay at.

** You can find them on

what to do

There really isn’t that much to do in Khajuraho except visiting the temples. And of course, the entrance fee for the Famous Western group of temples was up to Western prices. We said it before, this is starting to get a bit annoying because to our opinion they charge way to much. But, you can still see some of the beautiful temples on the other side of the city, without paying. They are working on restoring the temples at the Eastern area and these can be visited, free of charge. This will probably change once they’re done.


The temples itself are really beautiful. They have so many details! Really impressive. Once you look a bit better to the different little statues outside the temples, you’ll notice they have some sexual reference and can be quite spicy. That’s where their nickname 'the Kamasutra Temples' come from.

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