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India is one of the most intens countries we visited in South East Asia. It's noisy, busy, colorful, vibrant, dirty, beautiful, hectic and so much more. People say either you hate it or you love it. Well, there is something in between, we liked it! We made a map of our route so you can easily see which stops we made.

After getting our India visa in Colombo - Sri Lanka, we flew from there to Delhi.  It took us one day to get Delhi Belly, but once we were better, we were ready for India. We took the train to Jaisalmer where we did a camel safari and slept in the desert. Jodhpur was next and it was impressing to see this blue city. Udaipur, the white city is the Venice of the east and really relaxed. Pushkar was our next stop and we were lucky because we were there during the camel festival. Great fun! The pink city, Jaipur, was a nice place to stop as well but the highlight of our trip through North India was Agra with its impressing Taj Mahal. Last but not least was Varanasi where the cremations are a 24 hour 'business'.

There were 2 options to get to the South from Varanasi: by air plane or by train. We took the train and it took us 40 (!) hours. In Mumbai, taking the local trains is a must do. After the crowded city, Goa is great if you like beaches. Mysore was the next stop and we were treated with the palace that was complete lit up with thousands of lights. Ooty is high in the mountains and was freezing cold! But the tea plantations are lovely there. After Ooty, we went to Alleppey, the place to be when you want to visit the backwaters. Varkala is great for surfing, yoga and a nice place to enjoy the beach. To visit one of the greatest temples India has to offer, Madurai is a must visit. Chennai was our last stop before we flew back to Sri Lanka.

extra costs

Visa India double entry 6 months € 62,- p.p.

average daily spendings

In total, we spent 59 days in India. We didn't really travel that fast and had enough time in every city to do what we wanted to do. You can easily do our route in half of the time.


In the 59 days we were here, our average daily spendings come down to 1.530 Rupees (= € 20,87) p.p. Keep in mind that traveling with someone else can be cheaper because you can share a room. Unless you don't mind sleeping in dorms, than it even can be cheaper to travel alone.


Within this budget we integrate all costs such as ATM costs, the entrance fees to temples and forts and for example the camel safari in Jaisalmer. How did we spent our money? We slept in guesthouses where we had our own bathrooms. We eat both in restaurants as on the street. We use the public transport, rent a motorbike if possible to visit the highlights instead of going on tours and we walk more often instead of taking a taxi or tuktuk.


We started approaching guesthouses, hotels and resorts for accommodation free of charge in change for some media exposure on our Instagram account and a review on our website. The actual costs of these free nights, are not included but we calculated 1.100 Rupees for these nights to keep the average daily spendings real for travelers. The reviews on our site are completely honest and not affected because they were for free.


Hopefully our information is useful to future India travelers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know!

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