Bajawa is one of the most traditional areas in the east of Flores. The city itself is nobody's favorite getaway but there are some really nice traditional villages in the surroundings where they strongly worship their ancestors. In these villages, the houses stand in 2 lines opposite of each other with in the middle an open space with Ngadu (male totems) that consist out of a pole with a reed roof in the shape of a point, and Bhaga (female) totems that are shaped like little houses. The number of these totems represent the number of clans in the village. You will also find several graves in the middle of the villages.

how did we get there

Coming from Ruteng, we first checked the spiderwebterraces 16 kilometer to the West of Ruting in the morning. Unfortunately they just harvest the rice so it was yellow and the spiderweb lines were not visible. After buying rain ponchos in the city and repacking our backpack because of the rainy travel day the day before, we left Ruteng at 1 pm heading off to Bajawa. This route took us to nice mountain and coastal roads and along the way, we passed two nice volcanos. Around 4 hours later, we arrived in Bajawa.

where to eat

Eat at Dito’s, they serve good food. The dishes we liked the most were Gado Gado, Sate and they also have some good western comfort food if you are fed up with the rice and noodles. Before you enter the restaurant, check if there aren't more than 10 people because then it will take a while before you can still your hunger.

where to sleep

We slept at Nusantara Hotel. We checked out several hotels and or they are overpriced or they are way overpriced. Sleeping at Nusantara costed us 200.000 Rupiah which was including breakfast and a hot mandi shower.

what to do

We left at 8 am after a good breakfast with banana pancakes to visit the traditional villages of Bena and Luba which are located 16 km to the south of Bajawa. Being so early and being the first tourists in these towns, gave us the advantage to take some nice shots of the village and the people with Mount Inerie on the background. We liked the smaller village (12 houses) of Luba more then the bigger village of Bena. It is strange to say but Luba had a better atmosphere and felt less touristic. 


Before leaving to our next stop Moni, to see the multicolored lakes of the Kelimutu volcano, we drove to a nearby hot spring. If you have enough time it is nice to stay here for a while, but we didn’t.

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