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In the North of Sumatra you can find the town Banda Aceh. This city was one of the most damaged areas caused by the Boxing day Tsunami in 2004. 61.000 people got killed. A number that you can’t even imagine. Visiting the city now, doesn’t leave the impressing of a devastated town. It is rebuilt but they still kept some memorials of this terrible day. You’ll only need a few hours to visit the memorial marks in Banda Aceh, but it is really worth a visit. Take some hours before you leave for Pulau Weh, or after Pulau Weh before leaving for your next destination. 



Outside of Banda Aceh you can find Lhok Nga & Lampu’uk Beach. These spots are popular amongst surfers and worth a stay for 1 or 2 days.

where to go

We can recommend Little John as a tourguide for Banda Aceh. His Becak is comfortable enough for 2 Western people (the others are quite small and don't have much legspace).

Little John can drive you around town visiting the main memorial marks that show the impact of the Boxing Day Tsunami.


You can reach Little John at +62813 6023 1339

where to sleep

Banda Aceh itself is not really worth a stay. It is much nicer to go to Lampu’uk Beach, about 17 kilometers outside of town. Joel’s Bungalows is a really unique place to stay. With huts built into and around the cliff face and a really nice (abandoned) beach. The price of a hut is around 150.000 Rupiah but we heard it is negotiable. 

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