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Bandung used to be a city for the wealthy people and carry's the nickname 'city of Flowers'. Nowadays it is just a big city (third biggest of Indonesia with around 3 million people) and because of this the beauty of this former flourishing city has gone. Besides this the city is well known for its factory outlets, where you can buy clothes from a designer for a cheap price (of course be aware of remakes/fake ones).

how did we get there

We travelled from Bogor to Bandung with the local bus which goes every hour starting from 7 am (65.000 Rupiah p.p.). We departed at 10 am and arrived on 1.30 p.m at the Jeuwipanjang bus terminal. From here you can take a bus into the centre of Bandung (5.000 Rupiah p.p.). Of course there are always locals waiting at the busterminal to take you anywhere you want for a special price.

where to eat

After traveling for 5 months through Asia, it is nice sometimes to eat a decent piece of meat. Luckily we found this for a reasonable price at the Bandros Bistro in the “Eating” street of Bandung, named Jalan Braga. We both enjoyed a pretty good sirloin steak for less then 180.000 Rupiah (yes that is including drinks and the total for two persons). Besides Braga street, there is also Paskal food market on walking distance from Asia Afrika street, where you can eat Chinese, Indonesian and western food.

where to sleep

We stayed in a guesthouse called New by Morritz. Despite of the name it was not new, but actually old and dirty. The staff was friendly, but there was no hot water (but you do pay for it). We would not recommend this guesthouse. So where do you want to sleep? Somewhere where you have a good hot water shower, because Bandung can be cold. There is a guesthouse in Jalan Braga that you try..

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what to do

We rented a motorbike for a particular high price of 150.000 Rupiah, but this was way cheaper then the tours they want to sell you (for really high prices!). Our Highlights where the White Crater (Kawah Putih, entrance and transport up the crater total cost 56.000 Rupiah p.p.) and the rice paddies and Tea plantations of Ciwidey (Free).  Tip: take a poncho or umbrella with you from your guesthouse or hotel, it can rain a lot around this area. Besides this there is also a big crater to the north of Bandung called Tangkuban Perahu. It is a popular tourist attraction where you can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close. If you want to do some shopping, then Riau street is the place to go with a lot of factory outlets. 


If you want to feel like a Rockstar, go to the field next to the big Mosque in the centre. Everybody wants to take pictures with you and students want to interview you for their schoolwork. We met 2 really nice students who took their schoolwork pretty serious and were a bit nervous during the interview. Kind of sweet. And we even got a present from them: typical Bandung puppets. 

don't miss a thing

come with us to bandung

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