bukut tingi

The town of Bukit Tinggi which also means “High Hill” is a compact city about 1 km above sea-level. Therefore it is reasonable cool. Situated nearby  the most active volcano of Sumatra (Mount Marapi), it is a busy town with nice surroundings.


how did we get there

We traveled  from Harau Valley to Bukit Tinggi. And it is easier to travel from Harrau to Bukit Tingi then other way around. We took a Bejac (10.000 Rupiah p.p.), which Abdi Homestay can arrange for you. This Bejac will drop you at the busstation and from here it is a easy drive to Bukit Tingi busstation (20.000 Rupiah p.p.). If you need to go to the centre from here, take a red bus which cost about 6.000 Rupiah p.p. 

where to eat

The food at DeKock Cafe was tasteful, and not even that expensive. Both the Western as the Indonesian dishes are really good! 


The staff is really friendly and makes time to have a talk with you and make you feel at home. They have live music every night.

where to sleep

We slept at DeKock Cafe and treated ourself with the deluxe room (250.000 Rupiah): a nice spacious double room which included an own balcony and a bathtub. They also have a really nice dorm room and an other good, cheaper rooms. If planning for a tour or tips to go to the staff, they are most willing to help you with any question you have. It was nearby a mosque so in the morning you can hear the praying.

** You can find them on booking.com

what to do

From Bukit Tingi we drove on a motorbike to Puncal Lawang viewpoint, this is a great viewpoint over Lake Maninjau, also a famous paraglidingpoint (cost for motorbike parking 2.000, entrance fee 5.000 Rupiah p.p.). From there we drove to Maninjau village, where we managed to surive the famous 44 downhill bends. Every bend is numbered and sponsored by a cigarette brand. We ate satay and fried rice at Bagoes Cafe at the waterfront of the aqua blue Lake Maninjau. Good food, fair prices and if you’re lucky you’ll see the locals fishing with a speer right next to where you’re eating. On the way back we drove through Sianok Canyon (try to be here at sunset). Besides this there are several other things to visit like Panorama Park with the Japanes cave, Fort DeKock (Dutch Fort), and you can even climb the most active volcano of west Sumatra, Mount Merapi (Mount of Fire) at nighttime for the best sunrise pictures.

don't miss a thing

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