Sumbawa is unknown by the bigger public, except by surfers. It has gained a reputation for having some of the best surfing in Indonesia without the crowds you’ll find in Bali. One of the best spots to go surfing is near Hu’u, at Lakey Beach. You’ll find a lot of (broken) shortboards outside the bungalows and older surf dudes that come here for at least a couple of weeks. The atmosphere is really relaxed even if you’re not a surfer, you will enjoy your time here.

how did we get there

Coming from the ferry which brought us from Labuan Bajo to Sape in 8 hours (costs 2 person with motorbike 225.000) we first stayed the night at Hotel & Restaurant Lila Graha in Kota Bima. The next day we spent 1 hole minute checking out the sultans palace. And quickly drove our Honda Vario to Lakey Beach near Hu’u.

where to eat

In the front of the bungalows, at the beach side, there is a restaurant that serves pretty good food. They have both Western and Indonesian dishes and it is quite cheap. It does however take a while before you can start eating. We believe they prepare one dish at the time and as is looks like, there is only one person in the kitchen. The wait isn’t that bad however. During the day you can check out the (high) waves. And it is impressive to see the advanced surfing those giants. At night, they have a big screen where they show all sorts of surfer movies and documentaries. 

where to sleep

We stayed at the Blue Lagoon for a reasonable price of 200.000 Rupiah, including breakfast. The room has aircon and a cold shower. The rooms are clean and when you want to stay longer, you will be able to bargain about the price for sure.

what to do

Except surfing, there isn’t that much to do. And to go out surfing, you have to be a bit more advanced than just a beginner. The waves are high and the current is strong and unpredictable. We talked to one surfer that told about his adventure in the water at sundown. He could not get out of the water, his board broke in two pieces and his arms were all scratched up because of the coral. When he finally got out after 30 minutes of swimming, he was happy to still be alive. 

don't miss a thing

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