The beaches around Kuta are one of the best beaches in Indonesia. It has developed into a beautiful little tourist village and is the perfect place if you want to learn to surf in Lombok. The length ride is supposed to be great and makes it perfect for both beginners as more advanced surfers. 


how did we get there

Rolling our way trough Sumbawa from Hu’u we reached the Poto Tano ferry at 3.15 pm. Just in time to catch the ferry (50.000 Rupiah in total) who dropped us at Labuhan Lombok at 5.30 pm. We thought it would be a good idea to drive the remaining 90 kilometers directly to Kuta the same day. After the sunset, rain started pouring down on us and we could try out our cheap Ponchos which we bought in Flores. We even had to take a little detour through somebody’s garden because of a tree that fall down and blocked the road. Completely soaked, we arrived in Kuta, where they surprisingly had no rain. People were looking a bit strange at us with our poncho’s.

where to eat

There are plenty of restaurants that serve good Western food, nice warungs for cheap Indonesian food and a sort of a snackbar with really cheap fruit juices and burgers and kebab. We especially liked the warungs. The food was almost to cheap, big portions and really tasteful, so when we tipped the owner 25.000 Rupiah, she didn’t know what happened. Her smile was enough.

where to sleep

We stayed at Kuta Bay Homestay which we booked in advance because we knew we would arrive a bit later and didn’t want to search for a place. The bungalows are nice and clean. There is a mosquito net but this keeps the wind of the fan away. And you do need a fan. The swimming pool is nice and the owner is really friendly and his English is impressive good. Our bad luck was that it was Ramadan and that there are at least 2 mosques almost next to the bungalow, at least that’s what it sounds like. This combined with the warmth, made us not extending our 2 night stay.

** You can find them on booking.com

what to do

Enjoy the beach, go surfing and/or stand up paddle boarding, get a bit annoyed by all the kids trying to sell you bracelets or anklets, feed the poor stray dogs that are everywhere, enjoy the great views at the Horseshoe Tanjung Aan Beach, talk with the friendly people and soak in the relaxed atmosphere.

don't miss a thing

come with us to kuta

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