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Bali is one of Indonesia's most famous and most visited islands. The island is popular because of it's beaches, temples and friendly people. It is rich in culture and is a very colorful island. We made a map of our route so you can easily see which stops we made.

After visiting Sumatra and Java, Bali became our base for trips to other islands. 


We started in Ubud, coming from Java. We loved this city because it has a lot of culture and is easy accessible with lot's of nice restaurants. After Ubud, we visited the younger sister Kuta which is known for it's surfing and partying. From here, our next stop was Sanur where we enjoyed some wonderful sunsets. This is also the place to get on the ferry to Nusa Lembongan, where we used our time relaxing and snorkeling. Back in Sanur, we took the bus to Den Pasar to get on the airplane to Sulawesi

After spending one month in Sulawesi, we returned to Den Pasar en went back to Kuta. We rented a motorbike for 5 days and drove around visiting Bedugul, Lovina & Sidemen. A really nice trip which we recommend doing. When we came back to Kuta, passing Padangbai and Sanur, we booked our trip to the Gili's in Lombok.


After our time in Lombok, Flores & Sumbawa, we returned to Bali to fly out to Malaysia.


Boat & Bus to Bali 200.000 Rupiah p.p.

Souvenir & clothing shopping 1.500.000 Rupiah

First visa extension 1.000.000 Rupiah p.p.

Second visa extension 650.000 Rupiah p.p.

average daily spendings

We've been for 28 days on the island Bali. Because we used Bali as a base for trips to other islands, we spent more time here than you necessary. You can easily do our route in 2,5 week.


In the 26 days we were in Bali, our average daily spendings come down to 308.227 Rupiah p.p. Keep in mind that traveling with someone else can be cheaper because you can share a room. Unless you don't mind sleeping in dorms, than it even can be cheaper to travel alone.


Within this budget we integrate all costs such as ATM costs. Only the above mentioned extra costs were not taken in to account in the budget. We did spent more money than normal on taxi's to the airport and other transportation like renting a motorbike to get to the immigration office. 


How did we spent our money? We usually sleep in rooms/bungalows with our own bathroom, but not always with airconditioning. We eat both in restaurants as on the street. We use the public transport, rent a motorbike if possible to visit the highlights instead of going on tours and we walk more often instead of taking a taxi or bejac. 


Hopefully our information is useful to future Bali travelers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know!

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