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Sumatra is the most west and the second largest island of Indonesia. It is an island with a big diversity in nature and is not crowded with tourists so it is really worth going here. We traveled North, Mid and West Sumatra and made a map of our route so you can see easily which stops we made.


2 dives Pulau Weh 600.000 Rupiah p.p.

Paid Visa 35 USD p.p.

Costs 60 day Visa 45 USD p.p.


We started our Sumatra adventure in Banda Aceh from where we directly went to the amazing island Pulau Weh via ferry. It is an ideal place for both diving and snorkeling with wonderful beaches. On the way back we stayed a short while at Banda Aceh to enjoy it's beaches en learn more about the devastation the Boxing Day Tsunami caused in 2004.


After the beaches and city is was jungle time. We had an amazing time in Kedah where we saw our first real wild Orangutans. We loved this place. We were less lucky in Ketambe but this is supposed to be a good place to see the Orangutans in the wild as well. From there we took the bus to Berastagi and did a quick visa run from Medan to Georgetown - Malysia.


Back in Indonesia we enjoyed some time at the wonderful Lake Toba with it's beautiful houses. Wanting to go to Harau Valley we had to get on a 15 hour bustrip which sounds worse than it is. And Harau Valley is completely worth it!


Next stop was Bukit Tingi with it's beautiful surroundings from where we took off to our final destination in Sumatra, Teluk Kabung nearby Padang. Here we ended our Sumatra time on a lovely beach.

average daily spendings

We've been for 40 days on the island Sumatra. This is longer than we normally would have been here, but because Marije was walking on crutches when we came, and wanted to leave without,  we stayed 2,5 week on Pulau Weh. The route we took, can be easily done in 1 month. 


In the 40 days we were in Sumatra, our average daily spendings come down to 358.075 Rupiah p.p. But this can easily be brought down to 300.000 Rupiah p.p.p.d. We didn't really live like backpackers during our time on Pulau Weh eating more Western food and having a motorbike every day because of Marije's injury. Keep in mind that traveling with someone else can be cheaper because you can share a room. Unless you don't mind sleeping in dorms, than it even can be cheaper to travel alone.


Within this budget we integrate all costs such as ATM costs. Only the above mentioned extra costs were not taken in to account in the budget.


How did we spent our money? Besides our non backpackers behavior we did travel like backpackers after Pulau Weh. We usually sleep in rooms/bungalows with our own bathroom, but not always with aircon. We eat both in restaurants as on the street. We use the public transport, rent a motorbike if possible to visit the highlights instead of going on tours and we walk more often instead of taking a taxi or bejac. 


Hopefully our info is useful to future Sumatra travelers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know!

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    Karen (Saturday, 16 July 2016 13:11)

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