INFO myanmar


The currency of Myanmar is Kyat. You can also pay with USD but not everyone excepts them. We also learned that it is cheaper if you pay in Kyat. They can refuse notes that are damaged or in case of dollars aren't crispy clean. For the current rates you can use this currency converter.


Visiting Myanmar is best in November till Februari. March and April are the hottest. It's much cooler in May till October, but unfortunately also pretty wet.

Source: Columbus Travelplanner


More information about which precautionary measures you should take concerning you health traveling Myanmar, you can find here: Health Info Myanmar


Because the visa rules vary per country, it is impossible to describe all of them. For more information about which rules are applicable for your country, check the website


When visiting temples and pagoda's in Myanmar, knees and shoulders need to be covered. Men wear a manskirt and they really appreciate it if tourists wear one as well. It will give you a lot of thumbs up. For women, we recommend wearing long trousers at all time (or as long as they cover the knee). You hardly see any Birmees women walking around in shorts. Tanktops are oké but make sure you always have something with you to cover your shoulders.


Our plan is to visit Myanmar for the entire length of our visa which is 28 days. The estimated budget is 32.500 Kyat p.p. including all costs such as accommodation, food and trips. 


Reality was that we spent 24 days in Myanmar. A bit shorter than planned. We stayed within our budget with an avery daily spendings of 32.557 Kyat (= € 22,84) p.p. For more info about this, check the route & costs.