cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands is mostly known for it's tea plantations and strawberries. If you like to go on walks, this is a perfect place to go to. Normally we don't mind long days of walking, but this time we made it easy for ourselves.



Tea Plantation || Cameron Highlands

how did we get there

We took a bus from Pudu Central in Kuala Lumpur and arrived in Cameron Highlands about 4 hours later (35 Ringgit p.p.) The roads are good and the trip is nice. The last part is a bit curvy so of people with motion sickness it can be helpful to take something against that. The bus stopped in 'the centre' of Tanah Rata; a small village that mainly consists out of hotels, guesthouses and little restaurants. It was a short 5 minute walk to our guesthouse.


Note: the busses to Cameron Highlands no longer leave from Pudu Central. They changed it to TBS. 

where to eat

During our visit, it was really quiet in Tanah Rata and a lot of restaurants were closed. Going out for diner in a nice restaurants was not possible, but we did have a 'frikandel speciaal' (typical Dutch food) at Café Jasmine in the mainstreet. Even though we just left home, we still wanted to try. Not as good as back home, but it sure was tasteful! 

where to sleep

We heard good stories about the Orchid Logde where the owner likes to cook for his guests. This sounded good to us so we decided to book a room here. Unfortunately the owner wasn't there and there were 2 volunteers taking care of the place. To bad for us. But the room was fine and we could use the kitchen to prepare our own food.

what to do

We booked a half day tour to Brinchang. This tour included a visit to the butterfly garden (not very spectaculair because all the butterflies were hanging on the roof because the sun didn't shine) en a visit to the highest point of the Gunung Brinchang (2031 meters high) where you can climb a rusty tower to enjoy the great view overlooking the Cameron Highlands. We also went for a short hike in the Mossy Forest and on our way back there was a stop at the tea plantations. Really nice to see, all this green! The last stop was a visit to a tea factory. Not really our cup of tea. But we did enjoy our tour!

don't miss a thing

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