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The currency of Malaysia is Ringgit. For the current rates you can use this currency converter.


A rain shower in Malaysia normally doesn't take longer than 2 hours. But these showers aren't little, if you end up in one prepare to get wet! Even though there's not really a dry season, the biggest change to get wet in the East is from November till Februari and in the West from September till December.

Source: Columbus Travelplanner


More information about which precautionary measures you should take concerning you health traveling Malaysia, you can find here: Health Info Malaysia


Because the visa rules vary per country, it is impossible to describe all of them. For more information about which rules are applicable for your country, check the website


Our plan was to visit Indonesia for 1,5 month and the estimated budget was 300.000 p.p. including all costs such as accommodation, food and trips.


Reality was that we spend a 100 days in Indonesia. A bit longer than planned! We spent a bit more than planned as well. Our daily average spendings were 322.919 Rupiah p.p. For more info about this, check out the route & costs.