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Kuala Lumpur, the place where our trip started and the place we came back to after 10 months of traveling. A city that never sleeps, where you’ll have plenty to do and see and where you don’t have to get bored. 



Majestic view over Kuala Lumpur Skyline from our own Infinity pool at Regalia service apartments

how did we get there

First time we flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. A flight that took about 12 hours and was pretty comfortable. At the check in at Amsterdam Airport they asked us for a ticket to proof that we would leave Malaysia as well, but we didn’t have one. This wasn’t a problem but they told us that the immigration in Malaysia could ask us for proof of leaving the country (plain/busticket) when entering Malaysia. Luckily they didn’t ask it so we were able to enter Malaysia without any problems.


The second time Kuala Lumpur crossed our path, we came from the heritage town Malakka. First we took the bus to Malakka Sentral Bus Terminal. We took the bus near the shopping malls in front of the Imperial Heritage Hotel at the MacDonalds side, which costed us 2 Ringgit. If you want to travel easier you can take a taxi from here which will set you back 25 Ringgit. From Malakka Sentral, an hourly bus line leaves to Kuala Lumpur TBS bus terminal (10 Ringgit p.p., latest goes at 10pm). At TBS you can go every direction you want in KL with the metro line.

where to eat

We are big fans of foodcourts and there are plenty in Kuala Lumpur. It’s cheap, so delicious and you can try all different sorts of food. We love it!


Close to Grid 9, is a food stall that is famous amongst locals in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a family business and they serve great food. If you want to go here for lunch, go early! People line up for the food here. When you step out the door at Grid 9 head to the left and cross the parking lot for some famous Malay dishes.


Jalan Alor is also known as food street. You can find Thai, Chinese, Malay, Western or any other food you want. All the little restaurants have big terraces and it is nice to just sit down, watch the people walking by and enjoy the great food.


Every now and then, we treat ourselves with steak. Especially Michiel is a big meat lover. So when we heard about Coliseum, the Oldest Steak house of Malaysia, we decided to go there. The atmosphere is great. Nothing changed since they opened their doors in 1921. We even suspect they still have the same waiter as back then. Do we recommend the steak here? Not really. But it was a nice experience to eat here, especially when they put a bib around your neck.

where to sleep || regalia service apartment

If you want a bit more luxury, and be able to take a swim after a long hot day in the city, Regalia is the place to be. This place is awesome! We had our own apartment which we called home. After traveling for 10 months we wanted a place to settle for some time, just to take a break from traveling. One of the things we miss most during this trip, is Dutch food. Therefore we are always happy when we have a kitchen to prepare our own food. And that’s what we did at Regalia, a lot. 


We stayed at two different apartments here, and both gave a spectaculair view, facing the Petronas Towers. But the best thing about this place, is their infinity pool on the 37th floor overlooking the skyline of the city. Great place to cool down, enjoy the view and catch some sun. Roomrates start at € 50,-


** You can find the apartment on Airbnb. Not a member yet? Use this link to register and get € 30,- credit. After signing up, or if you're already a member, go here to book the apartment in block A, which is our favorite. To check out, and book, the apartment in block C, click this link

View from Block A
Rooftop Swimmingpool at 37th floor
View from Block C

what to do

There is so much to do in Kuala Lumpur, you don’t have to get bored. Our must sees for this town are:


#1 Go to the Helipad bar! You can show up in short trousers and flip-flops between 6pm and 9 pm. We loved the view from up here. During day time this pad is still used for helicopter landings but after 6 they spread out the tables and you can enjoy your drink with a spectacular 360 degrees view over Kuala Lumpur.

#2 If you are into amusement parks, find the one in the Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall. It’s crazy. You’ll find a theme park here with a rollercoaster and all other sorts of fun rides on the 5th floor. Something you surely don’t expect to find in a mall!

#3 One of our favorite tempels is the Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Tempel. We’ve been here several times and it seems like they always have some sort of ceremony going on. 


#4 Masjid Negara is nice to visit when you want to see a mosque from the inside. You can only enter the mosque when prayers are over and you have to be appropriately dressed. They will provide you with suitable clothes at the desk in front of a mosque. It’s quite impressive to see this enormous mosque from the inside. When we left, there was a moslim guide who told us we could go back in with her and attend the prayers. So for those who want to experience this, it’s possible. Opening times for non Muslims are 9 am till 12 pm, 3pm till 4 pm and 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm. On Fridays it is closed till 3 pm for non muslims because Friday is prayer day.


#5 Kuala Lumpur is famous for it’s Petronas Towers so a visit to these highlights, have to be on the list. You can see the two towers from almost everywhere in town, but  one of the best places to see them upclose, is the KLCC park. 


#6 Another place of interest for people visiting Kuala Lumpur are the Batu Caves which takes about 10 minutes with the metro to get here. Do watch out for the cheeky monkeys, because they steal food, drinks, sunglasses, whatever they can get their hands on!


#7 Merdeka Square has a 100 meter high flag pole with the Malaysian flag, which is the symbol of the indepence of Malaysia from British rule. Around this square, marked by a big grass field, you’ll find several nice buildings.


#8 For those who are into birds, the Birdpark can be nice. We walked all the way up here, to find out that the entrance fee is a whopping 50 Ringgit which was way over our budget.

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