Is Langkawi a must when you've already seen a lot of islands during a longer trip? Not really. Are you only traveling Malaysia and looking for a nice place to relax on the beach? Than Langkawi is a nice place to go to.


Cenang Beach || Langkawi

how did we get there

After a short flight from Phnom Penh (Cambodia), we arrived early in the afternoon in Kuala Lumpur. We spent the night here and thought we were smart by going to a guesthouse near Pudu Sentral to avoid a long walk with the backpack. However, they changed busstations since the last time we were here and the bus left from TBS. Luckily this is easily reachable by metro. The next morning, we got on the bus to Kuala Perlis where we took the ferry to Langkawi. We were right on time for the 7 pm ferry.

where to eat

We didn't expect Langkawi to be this touristic, but we did like it here. There are lots of shops, mini markets, tour agencies, restaurants and cheap street food.


Our favorite was the little foodcourt at the mainstreet. 

where to sleep

We started our time in Langkawi in a bungalow in a side street of the mainstreet nearby Pantai Cenang. We don't remember the name of the bungalows, but there are plenty of places to stay for less than 70 Ringgit per night. There's a nice backpackers vibe. It's an easy 5 minute walk to the beach but because Marije was walking on crutches and needed to rest her ankle, this was a bit to far. We moved to a more expensive bungalow at the beach. Unfortunately we don't reminder the price and name of the place anymore.

what to do

Besides relaxing on the beach, and in our case giving Marije's ankle some rest, is a great way to spent your time in Langkawi, it is nice as well to rent a motorbike and drive around the island. There are plenty of abandoned, white pristine beaches here.


Another thing you Langkawi is known for, is the skybridge. A ticket is 30 Ringgit and after watching the 360 degrees movie about the universe and a rollercoaster, you can go up with the gondola. 


There are a lot of tours you can do, one of them is island hopping. For 45 Ringgit you have a 4 hour tour that includes swimming in the sweet water lake, feeding the eagles and visiting an uninhabited island. Every activity is on another island. We booked this tour but didn't go because it was raining..

don't miss a thing

come with us to langkawi

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