Malakka is UNESCO heritage since 2008. The city has some interesting (Dutch) buildings and is a nice place to stroll around for a couple of hours. 

how did we get there

Coming from Singapore we took the bus to Malakka (Starmart Express) for 25 Singapore Dollars per person. They drop you at Malakka Sentral busstation which is 5 km outside the centre. From here we took bus 17 which stopped in the centre at the Stadthuys near Jonker street. 

where to eat

While we stayed at Vrest Hotel, we had some really great breakfasts at Handmade Bakery Cafe. It is a small bakery where they serve all sorts of different breads and you can even get pizza if you want. We really liked their awesome glasses, in the shape of lightbulbs. And their food of course!


For a vitamine boost, you just have to cross the street at Vrest Hotel and you can get the best smoothies at the Fresh and Fruity Juice Shop. There is also a foodcourt and other eateries around.


In the city itself, it is nice to eat your way through Jonkerstreet. At night, there are heaps of different food stands and you can try lots of different dishes for small prices. At the end of the street, we were full! Somewhere in the middle is a really nice man selling fruit juice. Cheap and really delicious. And he loves to talk.


When you stay at The Straits Hotel & Suites, you don’t even have to go outside if you don’t want to. Especially their breakfast is the best. We have never seen so much variety in food at a breakfast buffet. You can eat as much as you want and believe us, you want to keep eating. It’s great! They also serve lunch and diner.

where to sleep || vrest hotel

Our first 2 nights in Malakka, we stayed at Vrest Hotel. A really nice place that just opened. Everything looks very clean and fresh, the lobby gives you the feeling that you are welcome and they used the space in the rooms in a good way. It is not the most convenient place to stay when you have to use the public transport. However, it’s only a 10 minute walk to the city centre and you can rent bikes at the hotel for only 10 Ringgit. This is a nice way to explore the city, and much cheaper than renting it in the city centre itself! Room rates normally start at 88 Ringgit.

** You can find them on

Vrest Hotel || Malakka
Decoration at Vrest Hotel || Malakka
Room at Vrest Hotel || Malakka
Mural at Vrest Hotel || Malakka

where to sleep || the straits hotel & suites

After already spending 2 days in Malakka, we loved our stay at The Straits Hotel & Suites. It felt a little like having a home again. We had a living room, bedroom and bathroom with bath. It was huge! But the best thing about our stay here, was the rooftop infinity pool. Not only is it great to be able to cool down after a hot day in the city, the view is incredible as well. Especially at night. And to make sure you don’t get bored while staying here, they also have a gym and sauna. We loved this place! Room rates normally start at 162 Ringgit.
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Infinity pool at The Straits Hotel and Suites || Malakka
Room at The Straits Hotel and Suites || Malakka
Infinity pool at The Straits Hotel and Suites || Malakka

what to do

Walk around town and try not to get run over by one of the many crazy rickshaws. Well, that’s probably not even possible because of the loud music they’re playing. Every rickshaw has a theme like Frozen, Hello Kitty, Minions and many more. They do put a lot of effort in the decoration and we saw a lot of them in front of the Stadhuys. It looks a bit silly. It is one of the things Malakka is famous for. 


While walking around it is nice to take a look a the murals at the waterfront, they are really colorful. There are lot’s of shoppingmalls in Malakka so you don’t have to be afraid you can’t spent your money here. We did some shopping to renew some clothing. We needed to!


Another really nice place of interest in the floating mosque on the water (Masjid Selat Malakka). Walking up here, we realized if we would come back in 10 years, we won’t recognize this area. They are building every where on this peninsula and what we saw in imagines of how it will look like, it’s gonna be an awesome place. The mosque itself is really nice as well, especially when it get’s dark. They turn on the lights and the walls turn green.

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