pangkor island

The name of the island means Beautiful Island and that does cover it. The island is small and has a couple of villages dotted around, but the best place to stay would be the village of Teluk Nipah. There are some great white beaches here and people earn their money mostly with fishing and once you’re on the island, you will understand. 

how did we get there

From Kuala Lumpur we took the LRT to BTS/TBS Bus Terminal at 11 am. From there several busses go to Lumut which is 220 km to the north for 27 Ringgit p.p. We left at 12.30 pm and arrived in Lumut at 6 pm. From there it is a short walk to the ferry which leaves every 45 minutes. Ours left at 18.20 pm (costs 10 Ringgit for a return ticket p.p.) and dropped us at Pangkor City which is the second stop. We still had to conquer the 6 km to Teluk Nipah which we did in a Pink taxi for the soft price of 15 Ringgit in total. Greeted by 3 hornbills which stopped 3 meters from us we felt very welcome at Joe Fisherman Inn.

where to eat

As said, the seafood on the island is really good. There are some restaurants that serve Western food, but if you want a taste of the island it's probably better to just skip this. There are lot’s of little restaurants along the street in Teluk Nipah where you can choose out of their catches of the day, pay the cheap day price and enjoy your fresh tuna, stingray of queenfish grilled. We had our first stingray here but didn't really like it. We like the big, fat, juicy fishes better!

where to sleep

We spent our nights at Joe Fisherman Inn. This boutique hotel openend their doors 10 months ago and is still in the progress of improvement. They have a beautiful pool (longest on Pangkor Island) which suites their organic concept so they don’t use chlorine. The rooms al are made out of wood, which gives it a cosy feeling. They are clean, and their beds are the best (you don’t wanna get up in the morning) and the showers are great. A simple complimentary breakfast is included and they can organise a barbecue for bigger groups. Their roomrates vary between week- and weekend days and low and high season. 

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what to do

Because it is a small island, there isn’t really that much to do. We spent 2 nights here, and that was enough for us. However, if you like to relax on the beach and get some tan, you’ll probably want to stay a bit longer.


We rented a motorbike for 40 ringgit to drive around the island. This can be done in about 1 to 2  hours, but it’s still nice to do. We stopped at some temples which don’t really look like temples because of the weird statures of Donald Duck, flamingo’s and other disney kind of related characters. And don’t expect to much of the Dutch Fort. A fort sounds really big, but it was quite small. They rebuilt it with the original brick stones and it is nice to see, but nothing special. We did enjoy our ride around the island because it does give you the island feeling and you can stop at the different beaches. Our favorite was Coral Bay which is 500 meters from Teluk Nipah and a nice long stretch of sand with clear blue water.


One of the things that really amazed us at Pangkor Island, where the hornbills and that you see them everywhere. It took us months of chasing them in Indonesia before getting a good shot, and here they just sit 2 meters a way from you while you’re having breakfast. Awesome animals! You can even feed them if you want. Every day, at 18.30 pm at Sunset View Chalet, about 30-40 hornbills wait for you to feed them bananas. You put a little piece of banana between your fingers, hold your hand up as high as you can and the birds will fly towards you and get their little snack. Pretty cool!

don't miss a thing

come with us to pangkor island

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