We ended up visiting Malaysia several times during our world trip and we spent quite some time here. We made a map of our route through Indonesia and will tell a bit more about the costs we made and what our average daily spendings were.

The first stop of our world trip was Kuala Lumpur. A city we loved and where you don't have to get bored. From Kuala Lumpur, we took a bus to the lovely, green Cameron Highlands. After spending 1 day here, we moved on to Georgetown. This was our last stop in Malaysia for that moment. Due to the forest fires in Indonesia, the air was filled with smog so instead of following our initial plan and travel South, we decided to get on an airplane to Thailand.


The second time we came to Malaysia, we used it as a gateway to Sumatra - Indonesia. We did spent a week at Langkawi for a short holiday and to give Marije some time to recover from an ankle injury. 


Visit number 3 was even shorter. We flew to Georgetown to apply for a 60 day visa for Indonesia.


The fourth time we did take our time. We fly to Malaysian Borneo from Bali - Indonesia. We started in Sandakan where we visited Sepilok, a shelter for Orangutans. We hoped to see this magnificent animals in the wild at the Kinabatangan River and maybe even see the Pygmy elephants. Unfortunately no (wild) Orangutans but lots of elephants. Really great! After Kinabatangan it was time for some underwater fun. We went to Mabul Island to do some diving. After that, it took us 2 domestic flights, to get to the other side of Borneo: Kuching. We visited another shelter for Orangutans in Semenggoh and spent some time at Bako National Park. This is where we saw the proboscis monkeys up close. We loved it! Do stay the night here.


Via Singapore, we went back to Kuala Lumpur. And even though we've been here before, we still had lots of things to see and do. We used the city as a gateway to go Pangkor Island, where we saw lots of hornbills, and Tioman Island. Tioman was one of the locations of the tv-show Survivor and is incredible. After all this green, it was time for some blue. We traveled to the pearls of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands. Our final stop was Georgetown, again! From here, we took a bus to Kuala Lumpur and flew to Krabi - Thailand.

extra costs

Diving and accommodation Mabul Island 1028 Ringgit p.p.

average daily spendings

In the 78 days we were in Malaysia, our average daily spendings come down to 112,49 Ringgit p.p. Keep in mind that traveling with someone else can be cheaper because you can share a room. Unless you don't mind sleeping in dorms, than it even can be cheaper to travel alone.


Within this budget we integrate all costs such as ATM costs. Only the extra costs mentioned in the route & costs section of each island, were not taken in to account in the budget. Because we stayed in Malaysia several times, we have some costs that been made twice such as taxi rides to the airport. We also included the costs of our domestic flights so if you skip Malaysian Borneo, the average daily spendings will be much lower.


We started approaching guesthouses, hotels and resorts for accommodation free of charge in change for some media exposure on our Instagram account and a review on our website. The actual costs of these free nights, are not included but we calculated 80 Ringgit for these nights to keep the average daily spendings real for backpackers. The reviews on our site are completely honest and not affected because they were for free.


How did we spent our money? We usually sleep in rooms/bungalows with our own bathroom, but not always with aircon. We eat both in restaurants as on the street. We use the public transport, rent a motorbike if possible to visit the highlights instead of going on tours and we walk more often instead of taking a taxi or bejac. 


Hopefully our info is useful to future Malaysia travelers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know!

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