Ella is a small village high in the mountains. It is much cooler here and especially at night it can even be cold. Ella is mostly known as the end point of the famous trainride from Kandy and is a small, pretty quiet town where you can easily spent some days without getting bored.


how did we get there

Unfortunately, traveling in high season with a group of 7, we did not manage to get traintickets for the trainride. The hotel owner in Kandy told us that the route by minivan isn’t that much different from the trainride when it comes to views, so we decided to do this.


The ride did take us through a beautiful landscape with lots of ricepaddies, waterfalls and pretty views. However, we do believe that taking the train is more special. As said, for us it wasn’t possible because the train tickets were sold out. We thought about going back later when we were driving around in our own tukuk, leave our ride in Kandy, take the train to Ella, take the train back to Kandy the next day and continue our trip. We decided not to because we’ve already done quite some trainrides, we saw lots of beautiful views and the thought of taking the 7 hour trainride twice, didn’t sound appealing to us.


There are plenty of small restaurants in town where they serve pretty good food (western and Sri Lankan). You don’t have to look far when walking around and you will probably find whatever you would like to eat.

where to sleep

We stayed at Mount Breezevilla and this guesthouse is run by a lovely family. We slept in the house with the family room and that was really good. It is clean, the bed is comfortable, the shower is hot and the breakfast is the best! They treat you with some local dishes, lots of fruit, plenty of bread and all the coffee and tea you want.

** You can find them on booking.com

what to do

There is plenty to do in Ella. When you like hiking, there are at least 3 nice ‘mountains’ you can ‘climb’: Little Adams Peak, Adams Peak and Ella Rock. Since we were here with 3 little kids, we took the easiest one, Little Adams Peak. Good excuse right?! Our tuktuk drivers brought us all the way up to the 98 Acres Resort and from there the walk up is actually pretty easy and takes about 15 minutes.


Another place we really liked, was the Nine Arch Bridge. We were lucky to see a train cross the bridge and walked down afterwards to take some nice pictures from below where you can really see how high the bridge actually is.


Since we had 2 tuktuk drivers for the day, we also went to the Ravana Waterfalls but weren’t that impressed. They are big but certainly not the prettiest we’ve seen.

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