Hikkaduwa is mostly popular amongst beginning surfers because of the smaller waves. You will find several surf schools along the beach and lots of beach beds to lay down after a session in the water. Along the wide beach you will find plenty of accommodation and restaurants. Unfortunately this has led to erosion so the sand is replaced by sandbags at some spots. Luckily the government is doing its best to get the beach up to standards again.

how did we get there

Coming from Yala National Park, we left early in the morning since it was gonna be a pretty long drive. The 180 kilometers took us 5 hours, with our own tuktuk of course, to get to Hikkaduwa. And because we switched turns on the driver seat of the tuktuk, it was an easy ride.


Breakfast was included at Hotel Suite Lanka where we stayed, and it was really good. Fresh fruit, eggs, toasted bread, coffee and tea, juice. You won’t leave the table hungry. And you can enjoy your lovely breakfast right next to the beach. It gives you a real holiday feeling. They also have a great restaurant where you can have lunch, diner and snacks.


Hikkaduwa has a long street with several restaurants, scattered around. We did not go to any other restaurant because on the first night we still had some leftovers from our stay at Kirinda Lodge and it was to good not to eat it. And the second night it was pouring down with rain and we stayed at the hotel.

WHERE TO sleep

We stayed at Hotel Suite Lanka which is right next to the beach. Our room was on the first floor and gave us a nice view overlooking the ocean and the beach. We had a big balcony with comfortable chairs so it was great to just sit outside and enjoy the view. The rooms are in colonial style, and have all you need. The bed is comfortable, there is a fan and aircon, a minibar, big closet and the bathroom is convenient and spacious.


They also have a small swimming pool which can be really convenient when you have (small) kids and the waves are to high to swim.

** You can find them on booking.com

Kirinda Lodge near Yala National Park
Monkeys at Kirinda Lodge near Yala National Park
Kirinda Lodge near Yala National Park

what to do

Hikkaduwa is known for its beaches and when staying there, your goal probably is to get a tan. When we were there, we could not get in the ocean in front of our hotel because of the strong tide thanks to the end of the wet season. During dry season this is a perfect place to go for a refreshing swim. Unfortunately our beach days here came with quite some rain as well so we tried another activity: we went on a boat ride and did the Madu River Safari. The boat took us to the river where you can find 64 naturally islands. There are men fishing everywhere, it’s really green and you see a lot of prawn farms. There are a few stops during this safari. 


The first one was Koddhuwa Temple which is surrounded by water so you can only get there by boat. It’s a nice temple where 3 monks live, at the time we where there. A young one, and two older monks. Does get you wandering if the little boy doesn’t get bored there but he probably likes his peace and quite at night after a long day with visiting tourists. The temple isn’t really spectaculair, but nice to see and visit. Next to a visit to the temple, we stopped at a cinnamon plantation where we got a small demonstration how the cinnamon is made. We went through the Mangrove and skipped the stop at dr. Fish. We don’t really like nibbling fish on our feet. All in all a nice trip but a bit overpriced to our opinion. We managed to get the cheapest option by not stopping at the bridge, but we got in contact with a local who just started his boat company. If you are interested, you can sent an email to Dusshanta for more info and prices.

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