Tangalle has some of the best beaches of Sri Lanka. They are wide-open and it’s the centre of tourism and a popular holiday destination on the South coast. In the town you can find an old Dutch Fort, which is used as a prison today. The Dutch Fort, Rest House and Court House are a few remaining examples of Dutch architecture in Tangalle.

how did we get there

The drive to Tangalle from Kabalana wasn’t that special besides passing the little island of Makulu Duuwa which is famous in Holland because of the show ‘Wie is de Mol' and surf city Mirissa. We left around 11 am with our tuktuk and this 60 kilometers took us about 2 to 3 hours to get there.

WHERE TO eat & SLEEP || palm paradise cabanas & villas

We stayed at Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas, which is situated at a nice beach (Goyambokka) and is pretty affordable compared to the other places nearby the beach. There is a lot of space around the Cabana and because of this it feels very private, besides the monkeys who are playing in the coconut trees. Our bungalow was the closest to the beach so we could enjoy the sounds of the ocean while lying in bed. Unfortunately, we were a bit unlucky with the weather. About 2 hours after arrival, it started raining and it only stopped for some short moments but it mostly kept on raining for the 1,5 day we were there. In those short dry moments, we did see the lovely beach and enjoyed a short swim in the pool. We could see Sri Lanka looked dry at this time of year (October) and really needed water so we could not be to upset about it.


During our stay, the waves were high, the water was rough and the beach was quite small. This is totally different in December and Januari. The water is calm, there are hardly any waves and the beach is much wider. Maybe we have to come back in December to check it out, because we already liked it now. 


We are big fans of the breakfast, and especially the yoghurt. The best we had! Next to that you get fresh fruit, delicious toasted bread, eggs and jam. A great way to start the day! They also serve lunch and diner and that was pretty good to. In the morning they already tell you the special diner menu which has a starter, main and desert for 1.500 Rupee. 

** You can find them on booking.com

Squirrel at Palm Paradise Cabanas
Cabana at Palm Paradise Cabanas
Breakfast at Palm Paradise Cabanas

what to do

As said, we didn’t do that much because of the rain. But normally Tangalle is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to work on your tan at one of the great beaches. You can also see the huge turtles coming to land at night to lay their eggs at Rekawa or Kahandamondara beach. Best time to see is, is from Januari till July. 

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