Trincomalee was one of those places that pleasantly surprised us. We did not really know what to expect, and did read about the snorkeling on Pigeon Island, but this place was better than we could have hoped for. Especially when traveling Sri Lanka in Februari or March, this place is a must visit when you want to swim (!) with whales.

how did we get there

We left our guesthouse in Jaffna at 8.30 am, spent about 45 minutes at Elephants Pass because we saw a big group of flamingos again, and arrived in Tricomalee around 3 pm. The roads were great and the drive was easy, again.

WHERE TO eat & sleep || trico blu by cinnamon

Entering the lobby of Trinco Blu by Cinnamon we knew we were gonna love our stay here. We were welcomed by smiling staff and could choose our welcome drink from a special bar. While enjoying our sweet lassi and cleaning our hands and faces with the best scenting towel, the staff did all the paperwork for the check-in and before we knew it they were showing us our room and brought our bags. 


Our room had an awesome view overlooking the pool and the ocean. The rooms itself was bright, light and looked wonderful. The bed is big and comfortable, the shower is good and the little balcony is a lovely place to sit down and relax. The pool is a nice place to cool off from the hot Sri Lankan days and the sun beds are great to chill and tan. Unfortunately the sea was to rough for swimming during our stay, but the beach was perfect to relax and stroll around a bit.


We had full board during our stay which means breakfast, lunch and diner were included. And how we loved those meals! There is a big buffet that has everything you need and want. We ate so much! It was impossible not to go back several times and try something different. They have a big variety in both Western and Sri Lankan dishes and there little appetizers are the best. Or maybe the dessert were even better..? 

** You can find them on

what to do

We went on two trips during our stay: we went dolphin watching and snorkeling at Pigeon Islands. And both trips were amazing! 


In the months Februari and March, the dolphin watching includes whale watching (!) but ‘unfortunately' for us, we were here in Januari and the whales didn’t show themselves. However, the dolphins made up for this, big time! They were really showing of by jumping and spinning in the air. ‘Wow' was one of the words that is repeated several times. The dolphins we saw are spinner dolphins and that is what they do: spinning in the air. The reason for this? Some say it’s to display dominance, to communicate their location, to hunt, or maybe just for fun. We think they do it because they just can and it looks like much fun and spent quite some time with these speed loving beauties and loved every second of it!


Pigeon Island is one of only two Marine Parks in Sri Lanka. It is a nesting area for the rock pigeons but their population is getting smaller and the crows are starting to take over. We saw the pigeons but that was not why we came here. So we quickly put on our snorkeling gear and sticked our heads under water. And it only took a few seconds before Michiel spotted his first black tip reef sharks! Marije was a bit slower but finally saw them as well. And they were big! Bigger than the ones we’ve seen before. At a certain point, we even saw five of them, swimming around us. This is a bit intimidating because well, they’re sharks, but it was really sweet to see them coming this close. 


Next to the sharks, we also saw some turtles and colorful fish. And even though we’ve seen plenty of them before, they keep impressing us. 

We did both trips with Cinnamon Nature Trails. This company is attached to the Trinco Blu Hotel and they have a great love for what they do.


When visiting Trincomalee it is nice to plan a trip to the Koneswatram Temple. This temple is placed within the walls of the biggest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka, called Fort Frederick and the Hindoe temple that is dedicated to Shiva has an old history.

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