koh lanta

Koh Lanta is a beautiful island where you can get away from the big crowds. It is actually made up of several little islands, of which Ko Lanta Yai is the most visited. It has nature reserves and beaches where you won’t see another human being. 

how did we get there

From Ao Nang we arranged a bus + ferry to Ko Lanta for 350 Bath p.p. They picked us up at our stay in Ao Nang and brought us (after a quick bustransfer in Krabi) at the doorstep of our resort in Ko Lanta. This took around 2,5 hours. Easy ride!

where to eat

On the other side of the road of the Lotus supermarket in Khlong Dao are a few restaurants. When we needed to hide from the rain, we decided to give the Family Restaurant a try, and it was good! The owners are really friendly, their food is truly tasteful and their prices are even better. 


During our stay at Relax Bay Resort we had a wonderful diner at their restaurant. The prices are fair and the food is really tasteful. The same for their breakfast. You can choose whatever you want and as much as you want. They prepare it fresh for you.


The breakfast buffet at Crown Lanta was the best one we had (so far). There was so much, and it was all delicious. Good cheese, nice bread, yoghurt and muesli, pancakes, muffins and so all. It was a shame that you can’t continue eating because it’s so good!

where to sleep || relax bay resort

Relaxbay Resort has a private beach which is really beautiful. We already loved it even though we had some bad wetter. The beach is stretched and is the perfect spot to spent the night and watch the sunset. Instead of the typical swing, they have a bed swinging on a tree. Great for pictures and relaxing. The bungalows are rustic, but spacious and even have a little balcony with own hammock. 

You can find them on booking.com

where to sleep || crown lanta resort & spa

There is a first time for everything and while checking in we already got excited when we read that we were in the Pool Access Deluxe Room. And yes, it is as good as it sounds. When entering our room we saw the pool right away and just wanted to jump in. So that’s what we did, every time we entered the room. The rooms itself are really nice as well. Good aircon, great shower, comfortable beds, little refrigerator. Its had everything you need. It is close to the beach but a bit to far from town to walk there. But they have a shuttle service to bring you there. And, another thing we really liked, you can jump in to one of the buggies to bring you to the breakfast area for example. Or to the other pool. Or to The Reaggae Bar which is a great place to have a drink, relax and watch the sunset. 


At arrival they told us to enjoy every minute of our time here in their little paradise, and we did!

** www.crownlanta.com or find them on booking.com

what to do

Koh Lanta is a great Island which has little nice beaches scattered around the island. We drove around the island on a motorbike and enjoyed all the magnificent views. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the weather so we didn’t really do that much while we were here. A few points of interest when you go here are:



Great national park where you can have a good walk, its including a waterfall and a very scenic lighthouse. To bad it rained when we where on the island otherwise we would have gotten great pics from this.



This is a unique little village where the houses are still in their original wooden condition, Nice to drive or walk through. 



This should be one of the best beaches still closeby the most resorts on Koh Lanta. Maybe 5 km from the main town of Ban Saladan.



When you are done biking around this is a great option we heard about. A great island hopping tour which should be one of the best around Phuket Krabi area. You can read more on their website : www.thefourislands.com 

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