Krabi town and Ao Nang are filled with tourist shops, restaurants and little travel agencies. Next to that, the city isn’t that much special. The surroundings however are beautiful and it is the gateway to a lot of beautiful and less visited islands.

how did we get there

We choose to fly into Thailand from Malaysia for several reasons. When flying in, you get a 30 day visa, instead of a 15 day visa when entering Thailand by boat or over land. This gives us a bit more time to explore the southern islands around Krabi. Second is that it is much easier and quicker. And it is not that more expensive, comparing to travel the same route over land or by boat. 


We started in Georgetown and went to Kuala Lumpur by nightbus. It was way cheaper flying from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi than from Georgetown. Taking the nightbus from Georgetown also saved us sleeping one night in a hotel. We bought a ticket near Komtar Bus station and got picked up aand left Georgetown at 11 pm. The busride costed us 36 Ringgit p.p. one way and dropped us at the Kuala Lumpur Sentral at 5 am. From here it is an easy trainride to the Airport of KLIA 2, but this is way to expensive (55 Ringgit). We took the bus which was around 10 Ringgit.


Arriving at Krabi Airport we had to go to Ao Nang and arranged a ride in a shabby bus which dropped us at our place for the night for 150 Bath per person. You can buy tickets for this transfer outside the airport.

where to eat

We don’t really have a favorite place to eat in Krabi. We did learn that it’s better not to eat pizza at a Thai/Indian restaurant (almost lost one tooth there!). And because breakfast wasn’t included in our hotel, we grabbed our morning yoghurts from the 7/11 and a tosti every now and then. 


We stayed at O2 Boutique Hotel in Ao Nang and really liked it there. The owner is Italian and speaks with a funny accent. The rooms are spacious with enormous beds. Good aircon, great shower, little refrigerator in the room and a nice refreshing pool. The hotel is a bit out of town but they have a shuttle service that brings and picks you up twice a day to the beach or into town. Great service. You can also rent a motorbike here or use one of the bikes for free. Find O2 Boutique Hotel on


There is no need to stay right at Ao Nang beach, this beach is not special. But if you have the possibility to sleep near Railay Beach, that would be a good choice.

what to do

There are a lot of fun things to do in and around Krabi. But our number 1 was the Dragon Crest which is 20 km from Ao Nang. This is an amazing viewpoint where you can stand (or sit) on an overhanging rock. Incredible. It takes about 2 hours to get there and the walk will cost you some sweat. But, it’s not to difficult. And totally worth it. How to get there? Find the Amari Vogue Resort on and drive a bit further when you get there. The start of the hike is at the end of the street. You need to sign up before starting and they don’t allow you to go up after 4 pm because you don’t want to do this in the dark. And yes, it’s free!


Krabi is known for it’s pristine Railey Beach. You need to take a longtailboat to get here (100 Bath p.p.) and it is best to bring some food and drinks because there aren’t a lot of restaurants. The beach is really nice but a bit crowded. The rocks make an awesome contrast with the blue water and white beach and this place is really photogenic. If you want to climb up to the viewpoint, it is best to bring shoes. We only had flip-flops with us and seeing the climb up, we decided not to try.


We climbed the 1237 steps to the viewpoint at the Tiger Cave Temple. It took us half an hour and costed a lot sweat. But it was worth it! We went here to see the sunset and even though it wasn’t the best one we’ve seen, it was still pretty. We rushed down afterward because we didn’t want to do walk those steep stairs in the dark. Do bring a flashlight or make sure you can use the flashlight on your phone, because when it gets dark it’s a tough walk. And do watch out for the monkeys because they are cheeky and will steal from you.


Other places of interest are the Emerald Pool and Spring Waterfall. We skipped these however because it is a bit far from Ao Nang to do on the motorbike and besides this it had been raining a lot and that changes the colour of the water from blue into brown.

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  • #2

    Marije (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 21:16)

    You can do it on flip-flops but we think that would make it much harder. It involves some climbing, jumping and walking over lose rocks. Better safe than sorry!

  • #1

    Jessica (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 11:11)

    Amazing pictures guys! I really wanna go some day to that viewpoint, it looks incredible! How hard was it? Some people say they did it on flip flops, others say you definitely need hiking shoes..